In addition to the PA-501 or PA-501R deposit statement all employers must file a PAW3 Reconciliation Return for each quarter. INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE COMPLETION OF FORM PA-501R EMPLOYER DEPOSIT STATEMENT OF INCOME TAX WITHHELD Enter the quarter 1st quarter YY01 2nd quarter YY02 3rd quarter YY03 and 4th quarter YY04 calendar year the Employer Account ID if none assigned leave blank Entity ID Federal EIN if none assigned leave blank quarter ending date 1st quarter 0331YYYY 2nd quarter 0630YYYY...
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All right on back on the Appalachian Trail this more 501 and I'm going to hike on over to route 183 about 9.3 miles so what well long enough so first three miles of this I've been on before number of times there's a knob on the mountain up here called round top and there's a great view down the valley below and I've been on that section number of times but the other seven miles be all new to me so as usual take you along with me and say stop and see you know different things though I've been shown to you alright so let's go it's a beautiful morning out here though I think it's like in the 60s I've been in the 50s overnight but makes for a nice day of hiking yeah one of the multiple campsites along the trail callejera can't one evening just peaceful I all right keep going yes here's a nice view for the trees and a lil knob over there is we're heading that's Round Top and over here is a American chestnut tree it's been here for number of years but it keeps being killed back by the blight you can see some numerous there's dead stuff in there too but uh yeah cute blight kills it and just keeps growing back so they're still out here in the woods the American chestnuts but that's good to see one who is it was looking like now rocks but oh well so here's another cool rocky overlook I grew up down there in a valley so I'll talk more about that later getting closer to Round Top hey Chris you got the mountain laurel blooming all along a trail here don't sylvania state flower all right they are actually quite pretty I'm actually off the trail a little bit here but there's a there's a need / look over here need outlook over here that's looking back the way we came actually yeah we came all the way around down there and see if we can zoom in where is it Yeah right there is cut almost where we started just on top and hike I'll have round two here all right this be a cool place at sunset so yeah this is the top of a Round Top and I I grew up down there can't really see it it's behind ya behind it right where those pine trees are where my house is what was I used to dream of climbing this mountain as a kid where's my dreams about was quite a bit bigger than it is it's kind of nostalgic just sitting up here looking down there right then the trail continues on that way for another seven miles to a route 183 that all be new to me so that's cool of course down here is a lake all the shower steps or something some people call it 500 steps that takes you down to the bottom of Round Top have a video on that one right climbed climbed up that trail it's a shortcut to come up to the top of this mountain alright so I'm gonna sack for a little bit now I'm gonna head north again alright so here we go all new trails me here walking through a like a meadow of ferns here turkey down there surprise little ones here well I was pretty cool seeing those turkeys I just like to see week we'll see a bear today and we shall see I'm pretty sure this is called the chick eleni overlook...